These are readings for this week.  The first link is typically a link to the original article.  The second link is typically a link to a blog post about the original article.

Chapter 3

(Note: 2 is just a blogpost)

1a. Robert Griffin III and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

1b. Is RG3 a Sunk Cost?

2. It’s Damned Hard Bein’ Green

Chapter 4

(Note: 1 has a link to an academic paper)

1. Getting Mechanic Performance Pay to Work Better

2a. Medicare Billing Rises as Records Turn Electronic

2b. Electronic Medical Records Boost Hospital Bills

Chapter 5

1a. French Business Erupts in Fury against ‘disastrous’ Francois Hollande

1b. Taxes Destroy Wealth

2a. GM’s Volt: The Ugly Math of Low Sales, High Costs

2b. Will the Chevy Volt Break Even?

After reading through the weekly readings navigate to the discussion board to answer the following questions.

A common theme emerges from each of the articles posted. That theme is “the cost of doing business”.  Firms often have innovate products such as the Washington Redskins, or products that are innovative but used in the wrong way–e.g. the solar-powered trash can indoors. Firms also have issues with the costs of production–e.g. the Chevy volt. Incentives should also be considered when looking at the cost of capital, such as in France and checklists at autoshops. 

As a consultant to these firms, how would you handle the issues that each faces to provide a greater level of profitablity?  Specifically, what issues are these firms/country facing? Have they ignored anything? Are they being efficient/inefficient?  Use the concepts found in chapters 3, 4, and 5 to answer this question.

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