200 words each. One APA citation from a scholarly source per topic.


Authentication: What forms of authentication can be implemented for a web application?

Describe three authentication techniques and the level of security provided by each.

Web Application Vulnerabilities: Describe the architecture of modern web applications. How

does the architecture of modern web applications drive attacker behavior?


Database Hacking: In your own words explain what database hacking is and why databases are

targeted by hackers.

Research SQL Injection Attacks: What are some recent attacks on organizations that resulted in

a Database breach? Please examine some of the recent financial breaches and provide

commentary on how this could have occurred?


What is a Honeypot? Honeypots have an intended purpose. What do you think it is? What

benefits could be rendered from setting up a honeypot in an organization?

What is the purpose of an IDS? Why would a company or organization deploy and IDS? What

are they hoping to accomplish when placing an IDS on their network?


Bluetooth Attacks: Discuss the various attacks against Bluetooth. List and describe at least two.

What are some of the tools that can be used to perform these types of attacks?

RFID Security: Explain RFID and describe the components of RFID systems. Include in your

discussion some of various RFID security and privacy threats.

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