1. What are the historical forces that allowed for the expansion for American Education such as “Brown vrs. board of education” 1954  

Passed on July 2, 1862, this act made it possible for new western states to establish colleges for their citizens. & Civil Acts Act !964 Building a great Society. and how they impacted you?

2. Write about the conficts on the Spanish American War 1898 & The sinking of Maine 02/15/1898 and what was the result of these conflicts for the U.S.

3.. How does the Video titles The key to success by Angela Lee Duckworth define “GRIT” How would this be important in this history course and your overall college experience.

4. In the Book American Horizons” Volume !! since 1865 chapter 19 Pages 651-680 find a primary source and find out why it might be important to better understand.

write a half page on each question single space total of 2 pages

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