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Reorganization can be a difficult transition for a work environment without the vision and direction of leadership. Leadership is responsible for promoting growth of an organization or unit to accomplish visions and goals and works to influence and empower staff by recognition and building self-confidence. Encouraging staff to work toward their own personal and professional goals also helps in building self-esteem.

New authoritative management can reek havoc within a department. New changes within the departments and units, without the staffs knowledge, can lead to increased tension, concerns for patient safety, changing of staff to patient ratios, decreased continuity of care, and patient acculturation concerns and unhappy nurses. The moral of the department can plummet. Communication with staff of the new visions and changes planned for the department is imperative for the adjustment. Input from the nursing staff will also be beneficial to understand the workflows, the established environment, and diverse cultures (Huber, 2014).

Use of the democratic theory is beneficial to allow staff to participate in decisions within the unit related to workflows and reorganization (Huber, 2014 ). Maintaining a positive work environment and empowering the nurses to focus on the organizations changes can assist in a smoother transition. Addressing and solving conflicts as soon as possible to avoid chronic frustration is alos necessary. Communication, assertive dialogue, and empathy are some of the conflict management techniques available to assist with anu adjustments (Huber, 2014). Organizational conflict resolution can be made through bargaining, using rules, procedures, and administrative control through integration.

New directors can find staff acceptance by developing relationships with those in the organization, working with a mentor prior to making drastic changes to determine the appropriate workflow for the culture and environment, and speaking personally to staff versus using emails to telephones. Developing and understanding of the political climate of the new environment is necessary for success in any organization (NRS-451V, Lecture 4, 2013).

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