Theory Integration

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Theory Integration

In previous courses within your program, you studied counseling theories and developed the foundations of a personal theoretical counseling orientation. The next step in your development as a counselor is moving from theory selection to implementation and integration. Theory implementation highlights the artistry of counseling, meaning that there are factors you may encounter that may necessitate the integration of other theories into your main theoretical orientation. For instance, client factors such as degree of organization or disorganization as a system may require modifying your selected theory to best assist a couple or family. Personal factors, such as specific experiences within your own past relationships, also may sensitize or desensitize you to the relational issues presented by clients. The key then is recognizing these challenges to integrating theory and knowing how to mitigate them in order to provide the best and most effective service to clients possible while still retaining professional integrity concerning your theoretical orientation.

To prepare for this Discussion, select one of the theories demonstrated in the videos this week (either Bowenian or structural) to use for this assignment.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of one challenge you may encounter if you attempted to integrate the theory you selected with your main theoretical orientation in your future practice. Then, explain how you might mitigate this challenge. Be specific.

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