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Please do both with answers under the questions please.

There are three primary social theories (functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism) which are used to evaluate social problems.  In this discussion board, you are to evaluate the chosen issue/problem that you identified for your Capstone Project from these perspectives.  Describe how a functionalist, a conflict theorist, and someone ascribing to symbolic interactionism would explain the key issue and the factors that have led to this issue.

Remember that you can draw on what you have learned from your previous courses as well as acceptable academic sources to refresh your memory on these theories and then apply them to your selected issue.


As you approach the end of your academic journey, think back to all the research that you have put into this accomplishment.  You have been writing and honing your communication skills throughout your academic tenure.  This week your assignment is to create an annotated bibliography.  In this discussion board, please present the five most important things you have learned about research in your field of study over your time at Ashford.  These factors could include study tips, time saving techniques, ideas about the best attitudes for research, methods for reviewing articles and resources, tips for formatting, ways to structure your physical learning environment and temporal learning periods, or any other categories that you find important.  Explain how you learned those methods and techniques and how you have honed your ability to do research as you progressed through the social science major.

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