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READ these instructions FIRST AND EARLY IN THE SEMESTER – before submitting the Reaction Paper or Reaction Paper Discussion Assignments..

After reading this in its entirety, to submit the Reaction Paper and Reaction Paper Discussion Assignments – scroll down.

Your Reaction Paper must include a minimum of 500 words.

TO BE GRADED, you must submit your Reaction Paper by 6/10/18 TO BOTH the Reaction Paper Drop Box AND the Reaction Paper Discussion Board.

You will self-select each topic for your reaction papers from topics covered in course material and / or the course text.

All material paraphrased and / or quoted within the Reaction paper and Reaction Paper Discussion Forums (including material from the online course components and / or the course text) must be properly cited and referenced following APA 6.0. A Reference listing must be included at the end of the submitted Reaction Paper / Reaction Paper Discussion Submission that includes APA 6.0 references for all sources discussed in the submission (including the course text / online course material). NO MORE THAN 1 QUOTE MAY BE INCLUDED IN THIS REACTION PAPER. Paraphrase appropriately and cite / reference any source material discussed following APA 6.0 Guidelines. Use of any other formatting guideline (e.g., MLA, Chicago) will result in substantial GRADE REDUCTIONS!Detected cheating and / or plagiarism on assignments will result in grades of “F” per assignment and may result in further disciplinary action as identified within the Student Code of Conduct.

To complete the Reaction Paper, fully address how a particular topic that you have learned about through course material / the course text can be related to / help you discuss / explain / understand a personally relevant life experience of your own / another person personally, socially, professionally, with community activities, etc. As you write your Reaction Paper, be sure to name and describe, in your own words, the topic that you selected from course material / the text, being sure to include citations and related references for your paraphrased description of the topic. Next, summarize the personally relevant life experience, and fully explain how and why this personal experience is an example of and / or can be explained by the course topic.

Reaction papers ARE NOT “research papers.” “Research papers” fully address the scholarly research about a particular topic. “Reaction Papers” very quickly summarize a topic (e.g., in one paragraph) and then, throughout the bulk of the remainder of the paper, demonstrate how and why the topic applies to personally relevant, “real-life” experience.

To submit the Reaction Paper Assignment:

  1. Access the Reaction Paper Dropbox by clicking on the title below OR by clicking on the “Reaction Paper and Research Project Assignments” link in the left hand column of the course home screen
  2. Submit your Reaction Paper within the text box provided by no later than the Reaction Paper assignment due date / time.
  3. ALSO, access the Reaction Paper Discussion Forum by clicking on the title above and click “post” to submit the Reaction Paper to the respective Reaction Paper Discussion Board by no later than the Reaction Paper assignment due date / time.
    1. DO BOTH – post the paper within the submission dropbox AND post the paper to the appropriate Discussion Forum by the Reaction Paper Due Date so that other students can read / reply to your reaction paper assignment.
    2. Do NOT submit Reaction Papers in either the Dropbox or the Discussion Forum as “attachments” – also, DO NOT email Reaction Papers to me. Attachments / emailed Reaction Papers will not be graded.

By the date on which the Reaction Paper is due (6/10/18), submit 1 copy of the Reaction Paper into Reaction Paper 1 Dropbox. Submit 2nd copy of the Reaction Paper into the Reaction Paper 1 Discussion Board by clicking “Create Thread,” copying your Reaction Paper into the text box displayed for “Message,” and clicking the “Submit” button. Do NOT submit your paper as an attachment.

By the date on which the Reaction Paper Discussion Board is due (6/17/18) read at least two other students’ reaction papers by clicking on each student’s name within the Discussion Board. Then, click “reply” and post responses (minimum 150 word each – APA formatting for in-text citations / references) to two different students regarding their reaction papers.

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