Psychology Paper

For this assignment, first select one social psychology theory or concept of interest to you from the list below:

· Self-perception theory.

· Agent self.

· Appraisal motive and self-enhancement motive.

· Self-handicapping.

· Self-serving bias.

· Over-justification effect.

· Confirmation bias.

· Actor/observer bias.

· False consensus effect and false uniqueness effect.

· Theory perseverance.

Once you have selected a theory or concept, search in the Capella library to locate two scholarly research articles on the theory or concept. Use these articles to complete the following:

· Explain the theory or concept you selected.

· Describe the purpose of each study in the articles.

· Describe the research methods used in each of the studies.

· Explain the research findings for each study.

· Present specific examples of the theory or concept in practice.

Assignment requirements:

· Your submitted assignment should be 3–4 pages in length, excluding title page and reference page.

· You are not required to use resources other than the two articles your assignment is based on; however, you may do so if you wish.

· Be sure that you follow APA (6th edition) guidelines for format and style.

· Include a title page and reference page.

· Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.

· Double-space your paper.

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