principle human communication


This is a TWO to THREE minute speech. Organize your material according to the most logical order for an informative speech. Use a brief introduction and conclusion. Observe the lessons we have learned about organizing, preparing, presenting, and tailoring your speech for the appropriate audience. You will be graded equally on all factors of an excellent speech.

A Toast for Your Special Day

Present an after dinner speech honoring a person(s) close to you, as if this were their special day. Briefly explain the occasion, the importance of the person(s) honored, and the parts other people may have played in making this event happen. Close with words of presentation, honor, sorrow, or congratulations, or raise an imaginary glass.


Toast them, present an award, roast them, eulogize them, congratulate them, wish them happy birthday, wish them a happy anniversary, or send them off into the world. Special days may be graduation, promotion, retirement, presentation of an award, landmark birthday, anniversary, funeral, wedding etc. In preparing the assignment, keep the tone light. A special occasion presentation is a semi-informal speech meant to inform and/or entertain.


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