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One example that comes to mind is the population including young mothers. There are many statistics that depict the outcome and or the progression of young aged mothers. I feel this is a good representation of the proper use of mean, median, and mode because it relates to a particular group that can be simplified. It also can be grouped closely enough where the information can be accurately represented for the particular population. Mean is incorporated by utilizing the average probability of teenage pregnancy based on the previous amounts of teen mothers. Median is utilized because according to the Arizona Department of Health services, the medial teen age group, ages 15-17 years, has the highest rate of teen pregnancies compared to the younger (ages 13-15 years) and older (ages 17-19 years). Mode is the most occurring, in the example of teen pregnancies the mode is illustrated by the more pregnancies occurring in present years. For this particular population, a characteristic that is inappropriate to use these means of statistics is when utilizing non-modifiable factors are incorporated into these teenage pregnancies. For example the teens that birth children that were products of sexual abuse such as rape or trafficking should not be incorporated into the lifestyles of teen pregnancy rates. This is inappropriate because it cannot truly depict the lifestyle and chosen aspects of teenage pregnancies.

Comment 2

The average is the most basic concept of statistics. An average is the single number that represents the ideal of a typical value. The mean, median, and mode are the numbers that represent the ideal of an average value. The mean is the adding up of all values and dividing that sum by the number of values. The mean is a very useful number. It represents an entire population or group and does not represent an individual. The median is considered a typical value. The median is the value that represents some members of the population or group depending on the distribution of the value. The mode is considered the most common member of a group.

An example of an appropriate population; 8 executives makes over $100,000 thousand dollars a year versus 4 executives making less than $100,000 a year. The mode would be 8, as there is a greater frequency of score in the data set (Lund, 2013).  It would be inappropriate to use the mode when there is not a repeating score in a data
set (Lund, 2013).

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