persona finance not easy

This is paper instructions per teacher: You have been given the personal financial information for a client and are expected to render advice using the information they have provided. All of the information you will need can be found on the client data sheet. This is a real-life scenario, and therefore you will be dealing with real-life issues that a financial advisor would face. The client is likely to provide information you will not need to answer the questions, so review the information closely. Also, the client is not very organized with their records, so you must organize the data. You will have 2 files to upload – a word document answering all of the questions below, and an excel spread sheet showing how you arrived at your answers (questions requiring an excel sheet are indicated with *). Each answer should be detailed and thorough, with calculations and references supporting your answer. I will count off for grammatical errors, and any answer that is not complete. As the project is a large component of your grade for this course, I recommend spending some time on this and using the book to justify your answer where necessary. I will give as much partial credit on missed answers as I can. However, if you show no work on how you arrived at your answer, it is not possible for me to give partial credit. Make sure to upload your word and excel documents in a format that is easily printable and put your name on each of them. There is to be no group work and I will not accept any late assignments.

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