When learning about the organizational barriers during the lecture, my boyfriend walked in and laughed and said “Does your Professor know about the library?” I had to laugh because where I work, they have a lot of these organizational barriers present, preventing innovation and change from occurring. The organizational trust is seemingly not there are all, and I think it is safe to say that the majority of the staff are complacent and highly resistant to change. As the book says in Ch. 10 when talking about John Kotter, “change processes, considers turbulence and disruption to be one of today’s greatest challenges for leaders.” (p. 321)

One of the decisions that I was a part of early on in my working at the library was the idea of me working alone on Sundays. The concept behind this was to save money by not having to pay overtime to an hourly person by making them work on Sundays, and also prevent my boss from having to work on Sundays so that she doesn’t exceed 40 hours (that’s all she gets paid for). I felt like the organization trusted me, and for the first two years, I didn’t mind. I found a way to go to church and work, and used the money for my gas money fund. There were still problems though. The library has limited hours on Sundays and are only open for 3 hours. Still, in that time I will service over 300 patrons. True, not all of them need my assistance, but it still becomes overwhelming when they do. The other problem was the fact that they didn’t have anyone to cover for me if I ever needed a Sunday off. This became a major problem recently when I broke my foot and ankle (still in a cast). I tried to work one Saturday with another staff member and found that I truly couldn’t. The Dr. gave me a note, and my boss got very upset. She had no idea what to do on those days. It was safe to say that I caused an organizational crisis. I find the situation to perfectly fit the ideas of John Kotter found on page 328 where it states “John Kotter contends the traditional organization has an operating system which is designed for day-to-day business but cannot handle rapid disruption, innovation, and change.”

As a result of my injury, and the lack of proper staffing, my boss has had to pull employees from other departments to cover Sundays and have a person who is on salary work on Sundays. It is a temporary solution, but I believe it was needed to start organizational acceleration of innovation and change. We shall see.

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