military hisotry core assesment


  • Interpret and analyze the “American way of war”
  • Describe and compare American military models
  • Analyze changing American military policies and goals
  • Examine American military use of technology
  • Analyze American relationship with, preparation for, and application of war

Use each of the five Core Learning Outcomes to address the issues highlighted in the final introductory paragraph of For the Common Defense. What evidence from our readings suggests that Americans consider themselves essentially peaceful?  What evidence shows Americans as warlike?  Explain this paradoxical love-hate attitude toward war and how this relationship is reflected in America’s military history.  Finally, why is understanding this important?

This analytical core assessment essay should be:

  • Double-spaced, font size of 10-12, Times New Roman.
  • Citations in proper Chicago Style for History Majors OR MLA or APA Style for non-History Majors.
  • Use margins of one-inch on all four sides
  • Contain a proper page header with numbered pages.
  • Length: 1,000 to 1,500 words (approximately 4 to 6 pages).
  • Include an abstract of 40-60 words.
  • Include an introduction paragraph with a clear statement of thesis or purpose, and a conclusion paragraph that reiterates your key points.
  • Be placed as a Word or rtf document by midnight on Sunday of week 6.
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