Is Emotional Intellegence Valid

Students will be expected to write one 8-10 page analytical paper as part of the course requirements. The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to assess your ability to research and analyze a specific issue within a discipline of psychology; and, second, to introduce you to the literature review and writing process used by all academic and research psychologists.  You will need to identify at least 8 journal articles that you can use as references for your paper. The articles must be from publications specific to psychology. Examples of appropriate journals are listed on the following page. In addition to the 8 journal articles, you may use no more than two Web sites as reference sources .

The contents of the paper must include:

I. Introduction- A concise statement of the issue and summary of the different viewpoints.

II. Review- An analytical presentation of the arguments that support and refute each side of the  issue. You must document your sources in the body of the paper using the American Psychological Association (APA) method for citing literature sources.

III. Conclusion- A clear statement of your position on the issue supported by the literature.

IV. Reference list- A list of only those sources cited in your paper. Do not include sources read but not cited. Should you choose to include Web sites, however, you must list them as references and annotate the site. For example, when listing the Web address on the reference page of your paper, you must describe briefly the organization presenting the information and their expertise on the topic chosen. If you have questions about the appropriateness of the Web site or journal you selected, please speak with the professor. Your reference section will be graded as part of the paper. Failure to include the required number of references or to annotate your web site will result in a loss of points.

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