Required Assignment 1 (200 points)

After your topic and outline is approved by your instructor, complete a detailed review of the scholarly articles or texts on the selected topic, summarizing your findings. Using the information provided in your textbook as well as that available in the scholarly pieces, gather key points regarding your selected topic. Synthesize the overall direction supported by the literature and your course textbook.

Your scholarly paper should provide a thorough review of the literature regarding the assessment you select. Provide the following in your scholarly paper:

  • Introduce the topic, describing the offender population and the treatment approach.
  • Describe the typical assessment techniques used to evaluate this offender population.
  • Describe the special characteristics of this offender population and the implications that these characteristics have for treatment.
  • Provide a broad overview of the current treatment approaches used with this offender population.
  • Provide a detailed description of the treatment you focused on for this population.
  • Provide a discussion of the theory and the research, evaluating the effectiveness of this treatment with this population.

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