APA style, 500 word minimum per question

  1. Levinthal states that “the wave of anti-drug legislation in the 1980’s profoundly changed America’s criminal justice system” that continues to present times. Discuss the major drug regulations between 1980 to present and discuss how these drug regulations have impacted our criminal justice system. Include at least one major change to each of the three components of our criminal justice system (law enforcement, courts, corrections) in your discussion.
  2. The “Gateway Hypothesis” suggests that the use of a specific drug will inherently lead to the abuse of other, more harmful drugs. Discuss marijuana’s potential as a “gateway” drug. Explain the three considerations of the hypothesis as they apply to marijuana: sequencing, association and causation.
  3. How did films like “Reefer Madness” produced and distributed in the 1930’s impact the public’s awareness of marijuana and foster public support for criminalizing marijuana? Include elements of the social atmosphere at the time to support your answer.
  4. Describe Law Enforcement’s three major strategies for regulating illicit drugs. Include in your discussion: 1) at least one example of an activity within each strategy; 2) what strengths and weaknesses can you identify for each strategy?

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