1.  Discuss the differences between the differential backup and transaction log backup. (detailed answer)

2.  How can you make a differential backup of the master database ?

3.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the three recovery models. (detailed answer)

4.  Discuss the similarities and differences between failover clustering, database mirroring and log shipping.

Need 2-3 pages covering all the above 1-4 question

5. Why would you have to set the database model to full?

6. If you had received an access denied error for your backup query, what would you do to correct the problem?

7  When you overwrite the backup file data, what parts of the log are not overwritten?

8. Why do you implement a differential backup?

9.What is restore verify, what does it do and not do and why is it used?

Need 1-2 pages covering all the above 5-9 questions. 

Need in-text citations and references make sure no plagrisiam

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