The Constitution of the United States vests the “executive power” of government in the President of the United States (Article II).  By contrast, only specific legislative powers are granted to Congress under the Constitution (Article I). 

-What conflicts do these two distributions of power give rise to with regard to the President’s role as “Commander and Chief”?

I will need this is in the following format:

-word document

-twelve pitch

-double spaced

-1 cover page / 1.5 – 2 pages of information / additional page listing all sources

-insert footnotes as needed

please include three powers that the Congress has to check the President’s wartime authority: 1)Congress has the power to fund or not to fund military operations; 2)Congress has the power to declare war or pass a resolution that authorizes military operations; 3)Congress’ power of oversight allows for it to conduct investigations of the President as well as to keep tabs on how the President is prosecuting a war, etc. 

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