Classify the following statements about a bank ATM system as goal, requirement, expectation, domain property, hypothesis, or definition. Discuss the reasons for your classification. In particular, explain why some of statements are not goal. For goal statements, identify the goal type and list system agents that might be involved in their satisfaction.

 a. ATM is an acronym for automatic teller machine.

b. Ubiquitous cash services shall be provided.

c. ATM passwords are 4-digit numbers.

d. The likelihood of forgetting ATM cards at ATM counters shall be reduced as much as possible.

e. Users will take their ATM card back if the card is returned with a beep before cash delivery.

f. Any ATM card shall be kept after 3 wrong password entries.

g. Cash is delivered when the user password and the requested amount are valid.

h. Cash is delivered in multiples of banknote units.

i. ATM vaults contain single-currency banknotes.

j. Cash is taken by the cardholder when returned by the ATM.

k. To get cash the user must (i) enter his or her ATM card, (ii) type the correct password, (iii) select some amount below the acceptable limit, (iv) get his or her card back, (v) take the cash.

 Explain why the distinction between goal, requirement, expectation, domain property, hypothesis, and definition is important for engineering the requirements for such a system.

Your answers should be 2-3 pages in length, follow the APA format, and free of grammatical and spelling errors.


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