a paper about statistics within 2 pages minimal

Question description

In this project you will produce a statistical analysis of our unique class data on SVSU students. You choose which variables that you want to study. It would be interesting to focus on one group of variables (for example, “recreation”) but you can choose variables from separate categories if you want.

The paper should be structured in 5 parts. The first part is an introduction. Here you want to describe the purpose of the paper and what kind of data you will be using. In describing the data, briefly discuss how the questions were designed and how the surveys were collected. Mention possible shortcomings of this survey.

In the second part, statistically describe the data. Choose at least 3 variables, and make sure you have at least one numerical and two categorical variables. For two categorical variables, show a contingency table. For the numerical variable, give summary statistics, including mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation (show these in a table).

In the third part, visualize the data. Show a bar chart or a pareto chart for one categorical variable and a histogram for a numerical variable. I recommend doing these in Excel, using the first Excel lab as a guide.

In the fourth part, formulate and test a hypothesis about a variable. The best type of hypothesis will have some sort of research involved- i.e., can you find any info online about the age of SVSU students that you could test using our data? How about the percent of students who are married? Number of classes they are taking? State the null and alternative hypothesis, calculate the test statistic, compare it to a critical value, and state your conclusion.

In the fifth part, write a brief conclusion about your analysis. What did you learn? What were the difficulties you faced? How would you improve this study in the future?

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